Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas greetings!

The fall has gone quickly and it is already Christmas. I planned to post about my summer sailings but so far that is only a plan. The fall was as usual, the boat preparation for the Winter and soon it is Xmas, time flies. Anyway, today I want to wish you relaxing and happy holidays!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sea report

I have been back to normal routine of life on land for two weeks, back from the sea. As always, it takes time to get used to the change from excitement of the new and inspiring marinas and moorings to uneventfulness of city life in my apartment. Fortunately, there are still summer weekends left to go spend outdoors. Most of the mosquitoes and black flies are gone so I can extend my outings to my own preference, without the annoyance of the black flies entering the non-furry part of my ears and biting painfully.

I want to share the sailing itinerary with you, and later I will return with the most interesting details.
We started at Mustakari in Kokkola where we had sailed the vessel already earlier. Thanks to the friend who helped us with the weekend sailing from Oulu to Kokkola! It took an18 hours long sailing day from Marjaniemi to Mustakari including of course the shorter leg from Oulu to Marjaniemi. The summer sailing route was like this: Mustakari, Tankar, Bjuröklubb, Ratan, Mässkär, Tankar, Raahe, Marjaniemi and back to home at Oulu. 

Weather was not as bad as last year: first part of the sailing it was very hot with light winds and the second part was stormy. The hot weather ended just before it was about to become too uncomfortable. You know, my fur is not made for 30C temperatures, really ... Even the crew with less developed fur started to complain.  

The strong northern winds and the powerful waves kept us in the marina for several days. However, this was really not bad as we had been guided in Mustakari that Ratan is well protected from all the winds and has all what is needed for an extended stay. The days in Ratan turned out to be best part of the sailing. I will report in detail!  

Monday, June 24, 2019

Mid-Summer moment

Mid-Summer Zzzzz...

Hello All,

my mid-Summer was mostly like in the picture. The rain or the blackflies kept me inside the cabin, and it was good time for sleeping well. My Spring has been quite normal, enjoying outdoors at my cabin and waiting for the sea season. I have created several posts but those have been left unpublished due to the fact that the app has not worked for the first mate who helps me to blog. It is still unknown if the issue was in the app or in the user of the app. However with this post I want to tell that I am feeling well prepared for the adventures at the sea once the crew is available from their duties on the land.


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Daily routine revamp by three squirrels

There are three very active squirrels frolicking at my cabin and they are so much entertainment and excitement. However, the things get complicated as the daylight this time of year is not very abundant. Normally I have my daytime sleep from 10 am to 5 pm but now I have adjusted my schedule so that has basically the same timing as the day light. So I wake up normally around 7 am and then I start waiting for the birds arrive at the feeding station (just watching through the windows) and activating the crew for outings. And I continue this until it gets dark again. I might have short naps in between to keep myself alert as it requires a lot of concentration to follow the squirrel activity. Then, I am active again between 9 pm and 11 pm.     

Those threes are one of the most favourite playgrounds for the squirrels. Patiently, I follow the play.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

First snow

Last night we got the first snow this year. It is quite late so I did not wait to get outdoors to enjoy it.